The Green Grape is a simple fruit, elegant and temporal.  It hangs lowly on the vine and picked by many.  Few creatures can resist the taste.  Over time it transforms, withers and shrinks, into a new type of existence.

My work and interests are centered around transformative design.  Design that is obsolete but is still around with different form and function.  Landscapes that are eyesores and derelict but hold a positive image in our collective memory.  It is where the past meets the present with unyielding consequences.  Similar to the green grape, such places change over time into a new form and function while retaining past remnants.

I sketch, photograph, and create.  I mold, transport and design.  I fill, imagine and develop.  Through this site I share those stories, showcase pieces of my work and transform the space around me.  Welcome to a new type of existence.

Welcome to The Green Grape.


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